24 Essential Parenting Pranks That Will Delight Your Little Ones

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Pranks can be hit-or-miss. The last thing you want to do is truly upset someone. Of course, pranking kids is an even more sensitive task. You’ve got to make sure that things stay lighthearted, while still having that hilarious element of surprise. Lastly, end the experience with a treat. After all, you need to add a little positive reinforcement in order to teach those lovely little humans that life can’t be taken TOO seriously!

 1. Grilled cheese for lunch? He. He. He.

The kids are going to sprint for the kitchen when they hear that grilled cheese is up! That is, until they take that first huge bite!. Here’s how to ‘whip up’ a butter cream-filled pound cake that looks just like the other delicious treat!

2. This “moldy” sandwich bag will make them gag! Until they realize it’s not real!

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Imagine the look on their faces!

3. These DIY ketchup and mustard pranks make string shoot out of the bottle instead!

The kids will be confused as anything before the delight sets in. Get the tip here.

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